The ultimate* nicotine health coaching for my friends who are smokers and vapers.

Because nicotine users deserve HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY and, yes, HEALTH.  


As a health and nicotine coach I mentor Nico-ers to achieve new levels of these 3 life essentials.


We use a series of daily tweaks to "reverse" nicotine and creates the new conditions for health, prosperity, and happiness.



* ranging from on-line and in-person next-gen "harm reduction" to [naturopathically] abandoning nicotine - when ready. No judgment. No hassles. Virtually stress-free. 


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Achieve Nicotine Wellness While You Smoke / Vape!

I'll give you my 475 page book FREE - 1 chapter at a time + short videos - to show you a new path of nico health! FREE.

Sign up and receive chapters + videos emailed every few days.

Learn how to be your "wellest" while still using nicotine. PLUS, it's the best preparation to quitting - whenever you're ready!


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I Mentor Nico Users to Achieve REAL Health, Which is Happiness, Prosperity, & Wellness . . . (all WHILE You Remain a Nico-er)

I work mostly with . . .

Expectant Moms and Their Families

The life-changing neuro-biological effects of nicotine on your unborn, newborn, and children - whether by smoking or vaping - is entirely preventable.

I work with your primary care provider to ensure your safety, success, and freedom!

DID YOU KNOW that any youngsters (under age 12) in a nico family are at risk for lifelong health problems? We'll show your family harm reduction strategies for everyone.


Career Path and Creatives Who Are Stuck

As a high achiever myself, and a former smoker, the simple truth is this: smoking or vaping is a CAREER KILLER. I understood this early on, and made a decision to alter my Nico behavior in certain ways. And never regretted it as my career took off.

It's not fair but, to be honest, a smoker is viewed as weak, uneducated, and unfocused.

In short, a loser.

(Not to mention, smokers earn at least 20% less than people that don't smoke . . . and hold themselves back from advancement.)

Smoking puts you at a competitive disadvantage - from first sight onward - in today's world. Be smart. Choose health FIRST.


Next Level High Achieving, Serious Sports Performers

Smoking or vaping kills long-term performance & recovery. (I'll bet you thought it enhanced performance. Not!) As a competitive 4.0 tennis player and former smoker myself, I know.

If you already pay attention to your diet, work out, or use coaches . . . get the competitive edge to better performance and much faster recovery times:

When you alter your nicotine use in strategic ways, you'll notice a huge difference on-field and post-performance. 


Respectful, Transformational Health Coaching.

You can continue using nicotine while you do this . . . or abandon it when you're ready. No rush. No stress. No hassles. Discover the truly modern way, as a Nico-er

100% Digital e-Coaching Using the Secret of . . .

just a few tweaks that have the power to move you forward along the 4 necessary dimensions. It's 100% on-line, available 24-7, and affordable & 100% guaranteed!

Reboot 3.0 is still under development, but sign up now for a discount.


One-on-One Personal Health Coaching to Optimize . . .

your health, prosperity, and happiness . . while you use nicotine! OMG, yes it's possible (and it's modern heresy)!

By telephone, Skype, or in-person (within the Asheville area), a 90 day intensive guaranteed to get you the results you want.

To learn if we're a "good fit" to work together, click here.

Limited to 5 clients, max.


Harm Reduction is BRILLIANT! Why has this been ignored?

I'll show you how 'harm reduction' is necessary for you to achieve optimal states of personal health, prosperity, and happiness while remaining a Nico-er.

And how harm reduction "sets the stage" for abandoning nicotine . . . when you're ready.

For a limited time I'm offering my Phase I 14 day cleanse protocol FREE. (To get this for FREE, just use this code at checkout: 79$OFF )


** In practice since 2003, I use two proprietary, trademarked, tools that work to prevent negative withdrawal experiences; thus, my success rate is better than 80% - a five-fold increase from the best mainstream approaches! (That's why I'm confident in offering a success guarantee.)

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