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Photo: Edward in Cayman bliss, aboard the Keith Tibbetts wreck, Grand Cayman, BWI

Scuba diving while sharing the coral and sharks with my diving friends is a blast!

Honestly, I couldn't imagine doing these activities smartly and safely if I smoked or vaped . . . but that's just me. I've been lost deep underwater at 120', at night, on a steeply sloping coral shelf and if I didn't have a clear head it might have been a disaster!

Plenty of smokers and vapers dive and live to tell about it, though! I just find that as I get older, being in control means more not only to me, but my family.

* The shipwreck at the very top of the page is the Keith Tibbetts, a 330' long Russian frigate, and is at about 100 feet depth and relatively close to shore in Cayman Brac; it's an easy wreck to dive. I lived in Grand Cayman for a few years (after leaving my shrink practice in 1987 and taught scuba diving. Paradise found. Other divers will note that I use very old-fashioned fins! That's because of uber-comfort.


I've flown a number aircraft since I was licensed as a private pilot in 1987 . . . Challenger IIs, PA28s (Tomahawks), and C-172s (Skyhawks) are my favorites to fly.
The higher one flies the more hypoxia (decreased O2 to the brain) is an issue, and smoking or vaping does not help that situation. So I caution all pilots to cut back or quit.
Seems like every diver and pilot has their story (or stories) of getting lost and needing a clear and steady head to solve it and "find oneself."
As a pilot, mine was getting lost after a multiple instrument failure while flying above the clouds (a snowstorm happening below), again, at night! 
A clear head saved the day!

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