Conquer Tobacco Naturally: Quit Tobacco in 12 Weeks or Less, Using Mind-Body and Naturopathic Medicine

I wrote this reference book because there was nothing in the bookstores to address the real issues  of quitting nicotine smartly, and permanently - from a naturopathic perspective.

I use this book in all my nicotine coaching - whether for harm reduction or for quitting.

It's almost 475 pages full of tools, interventions, and success tips and strategies . . .  starting with harm reduction and progressing to the most powerful proven system to comfortably leave the habit and addiction of nicotine.


“This is truly the only revolutionary way to stop smoking that’s come along in twenty years! This program is based on professional wellness coaching by an expert who's written the definitive book on quitting, based on years of research and experience! No other method uses a convenient 3-second, saliva and urine test that measures the gentle biochemical re-balancing done over the whole course of the program. If nothing more, read Dr. Blomgren’s 475 page book, Conquer Tobacco Naturally (ISBN 1-58832-084-7), and you’ll be convinced that he should be your coach to stop smoking — today.”

Robert DeForrest Shelley, Ph.D., author of The Imagination at Work, Director, The American Institute For Human Development, Montreal, Canada


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